Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Then Let’s Begin!

To be honest, it’s a funny old thing sitting down to type a blog post when you’ve got 0 followers. Optimistic is one word. There are probably others, but let’s stick to that. Who knows, this could “go viral” like one of those things my daughter brings back from nursery.

So, in keeping with this spirit of boundless optimism and general Springtime vibes, I’ll post a couple of pictures, one of which has got flowers in. They’re both of my workshop, deep in the heart of the countryside but just close enough to Waitrose.

This is where I make furniture. In the far corner is a board of Olive Ash which will probably become a desk, there’s some sheets of veneered ply knocking about waiting to be turned into door panels for a built-in cupboard and the keen-eyed student will notice some French Oak lurking at the back.

So, stick around and I’ll be making wondrous things from wood, having opinions on things and taking photographs of it all.

Author: Finn Koefoed-Nielsen

I design and build furniture from sustainable hardwoods -

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